9 Things You Didn’t Know About Dating for Seniors

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dating for senior coupleWith today’s media getting more and more obsessed with appearance and youth, no one can blame you if you assume that only the young people are after companionship, with dating being a game for the young ones alone.

Well, it is about time for things to change. Many older adults more than 55 years old are now single and looking, either after losing their spouse or after divorce. It only means that there are now plenty of baby boomers and seniors who want to find companionship in the hopes of filling the void in their life. After all, no one wants to feel lonely and those in their senior years are definitely not an exception.

However, it is important to note that older adults have a different way of searching for companionship compared to their younger counterparts.

Take a look at the nine things most of you didn’t know about dating for seniors.

Looks Don’t Matter

If young people care about looks when they go out on dates, it is exactly the opposite for seniors. While it will be a complete lie to claim that appearance is not at all important, this is actually at a much lower priority for over 55 singles. This is because they already know that looks will never let you know if someone will be a caring, loving and kind companion.

Age is Not a Question

Yes, believe it or not, senior singles don’t care at all about age when they search for a companion. Older adults are more flexible when it comes to companionship mainly because of the wisdom which comes with their age and how age really works.

It’s Dinner, Not Drinks

Many older adults consider dinner date as the most crucial first step in the hopes of finding their perfect companion. This is like the counterpart of how most young people plan their first dates that often involves meeting up in bars.

It’s Not Just One

A lot of older adults have a need for multiple companions. While some focus only on finding one single life partner, there are also those who seek multiple companions who will suit their different social needs.

Not Everyone is After Marriage and Love

Although it is true that some seniors are after love and marriage, this is not really universal. There are many of them who only want companionship alone and nothing more.

Real World Really Counts

Older adults find it more comfortable to evaluate their potential match in person instead of online. Instead of messaging and texting, they prefer to talk to someone over the phone to know if they really like them.

No More Filters

Dating for seniors doesn’t need too many filters. They are more open minded which is a refreshing take compared to how young people like to find their partners using filters of all sorts.

Online Dating is a No-No

If you will consider all those things above, it all boils down to the fact that online dating doesn’t really offer a positive experience for them.

Trust is the Most Important of Them All

Finally, even if trust is important to everyone, this is super important to older adults because this for them is the foundation of any relationship.


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