Over 50 Men Are Great Lovers

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The common notion that over 50 men tend to experience a reduced interest in sex or they have lesser sexual stamina is not completely true. In fact, many senior singles still enjoy very strong libidos as evidenced by the thousands of comments from male readers through the years. While there were changes in their nature of sexuality compared to when they were younger, in more ways than one, this change actually meant better sex. That youthful rush to consummate sex might have passed but the interest lies in expressing their sexual feelings for their partners in a more caring and patient manner this time around.

date over 50 menWhen a man is younger, he doesn’t pay much attention to the emotional aspect of sex and focuses instead on its physical aspect and he can still function well even without it. It is the stratospheric hormone levels that dictate sexuality more than emotions. However, these hormones diminished to reach a point that these are no longer in full control like what they used to be. Good thing for over 50 men is that with some personal growth work, they can become better and more emotionally capable lovers. Senior singles’ sexual health greatly depends on their capacity of connecting with their partners using their hearts this time around.


It is the Heart that Determines Performance

The ability to maintain high quality of sexuality is hinged on the ability and willingness to deepen the relationship’s emotional intimacy. No drugs can ever provide sexual potency that only a strong emotional connection could give. It is a bit naive for men to continue depending only on their bodies when it comes to sexual performance and men who do end up disappointing and disappointed. The feelings that you develop in your heart for your partner make quality sex possible and this is only achieved through connecting your heart your body. It is a non-chemical hormone replacement therapy that’s perfect for every man out there.

Men Helping Men

If you are spending some of your time together with other men for a long time, you have probably learned valuable life lessons from one another. Some men who always surround themselves with other men learned that over 50 male sexuality still enjoy great sex with their partners. What is clear is that the common denominator in their long term and sexually active relationships is the heart connection they have developed.

Other men encouraged some men to dig deep into the feelings of their woman. It’s a lesson about trust, which is a nagging concern for many men who are in relationships. Lack of trust has adverse affect on relationships and this continues to plague couples until these are addressed. The main causes of the trust issues of men differ, yet absent resolving them relationships usually fail and struggle. Allowing your woman to hold your heart in her hands was one of the hardest challenges and a leap of faith. However, trusting your partner can enrich your relationship unconditionally and will definitely keep your relationship on the right track.


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