Top Beautiful Single Women Over 50


There are many mature women who continue to celebrate their diverse talents and beauties. Most of them have shared their textured and unique perspectives on what it means to be beautiful.

Below are the top single women over 50 who are popular not just for their beauty, but also for their achievements in life:

Barbara Hershey

Barbara HersheyBack in 2010, Barbara Hershey has terrified audiences in Black Swan. But, the actress wishes the industry of filming were more welcoming to the women of a particular age telling reporters that people relax more as they get older and she always have more fun than she used to have. That is why there are tons of wonderful things she shares about getting older.

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is a modeling icon who launched her very own cosmetics like after she returned to the world of modeling at 46 o look for limited products available for women at a particular age. She has a breezy and easy approach to beauty.

Angela Bassett

She is a Yale grad who was never been one for the vanity roles. She’s best renowned for weightier dramatic leads, which communicate a captivating emotional and physical strength, combined with a riveting vulnerability. For her, age is something that haunts people from the moment they’re born and they can’t fight it.

Goldie Hawn

She has an inviting and innate warmth and has a beautiful kindness communicated in her laugh. Being a former ballet dancer, Hawn has credited her faith with helping her to look for contentment through positive thinking. She also crusades for MindUP, which is a positive psychology curriculum promoting optimism in the classroom with focused awareness, relaxation, neuroscience, and breathing.

Tilda Swinton

She rarely wears makeup, which helps her maintain a beauty that defines finery. Recently, she launched a signature fragrance, which she referred to as omnisex.

Catherine Keener

She riffed with the best of them punctuating her perfectly-delivered lines with unbridled glee. Keener, as the Oscar-nominated actress, has one of the most memorable and endearing laughs in Hollywood as well as the ebullient smile to back this up.

Ann Curry

As a journalist, she was named as one of the most beautiful women in a magazine and credited with writing the most powerful tweet of the year, which urge Air Force to enable physicians to land and administer much needed aid. She is also proud of the tweet and said that people are very obsessed with her hair.

Kelly Lynch

Renowned for her performance in Drugstore Cowbow, a critically-acclaimed film of Gus Van Sant, she is adding heat to 90210 as the free spirited music executive Laurel Cooper. Back in 2011, she also played as a supporting role in Passion Play, which was directed by her own husband.

Green Davis

She has credited archery by helping her find contentment in life. She said that being confident with your physical abilities, acknowledging that you had the right to take up space and be happy with her performance was the last piece of the puzzle.


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