What's The Difference Between Senior Dating 40 And 50

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Given our media’s obsession with creating a permanent connection between youth and beauty, as well as the connection of those things to happiness, it isn’t unreasonable that many seniors believe that dating is strictly for the young. Nothing could be further from the truth. More seniors than ever are searching for companionship. This is particularly true with those who have lost a long-term partner. Senior dating is a bigger subject than ever. In addition to the major, general senior dating sites, there are a number of websites and apps out there that cater specifically to senior dating.

Keeping all of this in mind, it should already become clear to you that dating and online dating are not limited to 20somethings.

Regardless of your age, one thing virtually all of us have in common is the capacity for loneliness. Yet with senior dating, there is a singular element to the experience that separates it from young people meeting and connecting. As we get older, we gain wisdom and insight. It all stands to reason that as we age, our needs and desires can change, as well.

Be honest with yourself: Are you the same person at 40 or 50 that you were at 20 or 30? Absolutely not. To that end, your needs on the dating scene are not going to be the same as your needs when you were 19, 25, or even 29. When we’re younger, we tend to value the difference of a few years between consenting adults greatly. As we get older, we stop worrying about that quite so much. We also begin to let go of the ridiculous notion that only the young have the gift of beauty. From there, we also start to realize that happiness is a right that belongs to anyone of any age.

Perhaps most importantly of all, we also see that happiness is not something that is limited to the young. Seniors who know what they are looking for in the way of companionship or something more are people who often have a clear idea of what they need from another person to be happy. Interestingly enough, in the desire for companionship, many seniors prefer dinner for two at a restaurant over drinks, or even meeting at home for a meal. The desire for many seniors often begins with the need to find someone to talk to. From there, who knows what might happen?


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