Why Men Love Dating Women Over 50

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dating women over 50Age is merely a number. For sure, you have seen it in TV, movies and Hollywood. It is the somewhat stereotypical romance between a younger, hotter and more exciting woman and an older gentleman. It is assumed that young ladies make older men feel young once again and they have plenty to offer, which include their bank account.

But, in reality, men in their late 50s are not really interested in this kind of relationship. And this is simply because women over 50 make better lovers, partners, and dates on a many levels.

So, why do men love to date women over 50, then?

Relate with Ease

The very first reason is the fact that it is easier to relate to older women. In this case, the rule opposite’s attract doesn’t apply. There are certain similarities which make relationships more secure and stable. Among these are having the same cultural and historical references. Meaningful and deep discussions about the state of the world, pop culture and those good old days can be difficult when your lover don’t even know the events or people you are mentioning.

Confidence In and Outside the Bedroom

Older women will never freak out if their partner needs to take a little blue pill just to get things going. These women know and understand the process of aging and that pill will never insult their sexual appeal or prowess. It might not be the case with less experienced and younger women. Also, women over 50 have lots of time to figure themselves out as they know what can make them feel and look good. They also don’t need to spend time asking for constant reassurance as far as their appearance is concerned.

They Know What They Want and Who They Are

Women over 50 will never waste your time with lots of dates feeling things out. It will do a big favor to you both and let you move on to date a new person sooner who might be a better match. These older ladies also don’t carry with them unrealistic expectations. They already narrowed down their requirements in love to things which truly matter.

Good Company is Always Appreciated

Matured ladies appreciate great company instead of flaunting of wealth or witty one-liners. They have experienced all these already and they know that these things will not help determine whether a man is a good mate or not.

Older Equals Wiser

In most cases, older equals wiser as far as love is concerned. Women over 50 know that relationships can be tough and require lots of hard work. They are wise enough to know if it is time to end things and when things are irreparable and it is time to call it quits.

Men don’t often switch from their favorite scent or food just because a new and better product has come along. They know that what’s inside is what counts the most. So, don’t be surprised if they prefer to date women over 50 than their younger counterparts. They have lots of reasons to, after all.


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